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Simone Trecca

Simone Trecca is Associate Professor of Spanish Literature at Roma Tre University. His main research interests focus on contemporary Spanish drama and performing arts, along with the study of the many forms of intersection between literature, theatre, media and new technologies, especially as cultural vehicles and/or obstacles to the spreading of intercultural dialogue. He is also a member of the scientific committee of the book series “Turismi e culture” published by Roma TrE-press. As an expert in events management, he is general academic coordinator of the theatre festival In Altre Parole – Rassegna internazionale di drammaturgia contemporanea. Since the beginning, the festival has been taking place every year in some of the most outstanding theatres in Rome, appealing to a local and international audience, with the participation of invited authors whose plays are translated and performed by professional Italian actors and directors. EMAIL: 
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