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Fabio Carbone

Fabio Carbone. Archaeologist and European PhD in Tourism, Fabio Carbone is currently lecturer and researcher at Coventry University (UK). His professional career is based on a strong humanistic background, and he has recently been appointed Ambassador-at-Large of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) for his commitment in the field of cultural heritage tourism and intercultural dialogue, and IIPT’s Special Envoy for Iran.

His main research interest is to explore the relations between Cultural Heritage Management, Tourism and Intercultural Dialogue. After having completing with high distinction the program in Cultural Diplomacy & International Relations at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (Berlin), he has inaugurated – within the broader topic of Tourism & Peace - the research line in “International Tourism & Cultural Diplomacy”, thus becoming world pioneer in this subject and positioning his research within the Peace Studies.

Among his professional affiliations: GOVCOPP - Research Unit in Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies (DEGEI, University of Aveiro, Portugal); Geosciences Centre, (University of Coimbra, Portugal); scientific commission of the JEAN MONNET Department of European Studies (Locarno, Switzerland); Forum UNESCO - University & Heritage (University of Valencia, Spain); the Portuguese Steering Committee for HERITY - World Organisation for the Certification of Quality Management of Cultural Heritage. Awarded reviewer of many international scientific journals such as “Tourism Management”, “International Relations, Peace Studies and Development” and the “International Journal of Tourism Cities” among others.

Supporter of the UN Refugee Agency, he served in many volunteer missions, in Portugal (2003) as European Volunteer, Serbia in post conflict zones, and with pro bono consulting for non-profit organizations in Bangladesh. He belongs to the international UN Volunteers database, to serve in UN missions of Humanitarian Assistance and UN peacekeeping operation.