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Elisa Morsicani

Elisa Morsicani is an entrepreneur working in the tourism sector. She is Executive Director at Borgolingua, an enterprise for linguistic and intercultural exchanges, and at Ciao Academy, a business project that focuses on the Chinese market. She has also worked as a researcher in the legal department of the UN World Food Programme. Prior to that, she was an academic tutor at the University of Freiburg and she taught sociology with a particular focus on “Globalization and Social Change”. Elisa won the DAAD-Preis 2012 for her master's thesis on the behaviour of short-term financial investors working at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Previously, she worked for the European Commission's Directorate for Taxation and Customs Union and conducted an analysis of social and economic parameters concerning the introduction of a financial transaction tax. During her studies, Elisa participated in international research groups in New Delhi, at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, and in Buenos Aires, at FLACSO, the Latin American Social Sciences Institute. Her main interest involved analysing developmental issues in the context of crises. In New Delhi, she received an award from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations for her intercultural communication in the frame of a cultural project. After completing her bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations at “La Sapienza”, the University of Rome, Elisa spent the next ten years living in Germany, the United Kingdom, Argentina, India, Belgium and Serbia, speaking five languages fluently. Currently, she is interested in the development of the Chinese market and she is creating business projects in order to attract the flow of Chinese tourists to Italy. EMAIL: